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Thank you for your interest in advertising with Sounds Like Impact. If you are new to this newsletter and somehow landed on this page without being a previous subscriber or viewer of the About page, please read this intro post so you understand what this newsletter is about.

Great, now assuming you are interested in social impact and are either a creator or company that wants to align with such content, let’s talk options.

But first, transparency. The following stats will be updated monthly:

As of 4/1, there are 725 e-mail subscribers (71% are U.S.-based), and in the last 30 days this newsletter has been viewed 3.8k times on Substack. The average e-mail open rate is ~50%.

Our newsletter is growing, and I am overjoyed but the coverage we continue to get from outlets such as Podcast the Newsletter, Audio Currents, Inside Podcasting, Pod.draland, and Podcasting, Seriously.

This newsletter serves not only the podcasting community, it also serves other professionals that want to make a difference in our world and are open to content that can influence them to be informed and active.

Your financial contributions will help me to keep this 🆓 newsletter going (the services I have to use to manage it are not in fact, free😩), scale 📈 and also introduce interactive engagements🌟.

Who is advertising / sponsorship for?

I envision advertisers that would most align with this newsletter in three buckets to start, though this list is not exhaustive:

  1. Independent podcasters and audio production companies that want to share their shows / episodes

  2. Companies that want to share their products or services that are related to audio and/or have robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices

  3. Nonprofit organizations that want to share their work, including important calls-to-actions and/or fundraising campaigns

However, if you are interested in advertising a social impact related job (including working on an audio show with social themes) or you own podcast service as an independent creator / freelancer (e.g. producing, editing, transcribing etc.), the flat rate is $15 in the Classifieds section.

Book a job / service classified

If you are in bucket 1, please proceed to the next section. If you are in buckets 2 or 3, please get in touch [soundslikeimpact@unofficialsocialchair.com] so we can talk potential campaign options.

Packages for podcast creators

Hey Bucket #1 👋🏾 I am glad you want to promote your show(s)! If you are sure that your content aligns with the ethos of this newsletter (you can always email me to check), then below are the current rates and placement locations for classifieds and sponsorships.

FYI: If you submit a request to be interviewed or to do a guest curation, you are eligible for a one-time discount for a future edition, even if your request is not accepted, which would likely have been for slot availability reasons.

I can’t offer a car like Oprah did in this famed gif, but I can say “you get a discount!”

Show / Episode Classifieds

A text-based advertisement of 150 characters or less and 1 link located above the Closing section of the newsletter. 3 spots available per newsletter.

*$12 per ad or $9 if you receive the one-time guest curation / interview discount


  • Tier 1: 250 characters or less with an image located in the Introduction section of the newsletter and up to 2 links. 1 Instagram grid post (permanent). 1 spot available per newsletter.

*$75 or $60 if you receive the one-time guest curation / interview discount

  • Tier 2: 200 characters or less with an image and 1 link located between the Calls-to-action and Spotlight sections of the newsletter. 1 Instagram story post (temporal - 24 hours). 1 spot available per newsletter.

*$45 or $33 if you receive the one-time guest curation / interview discount

All copy will be written by the advertising requester. If edits are required, you will be notified. Image assets, if applicable, must also be provided by the requester.

*Prices are subject to change, but there will be an announcement if that is the case. In that announcement there may also be an opportunity to lock in a rate for certain packages for repeat customers.

Start advertising!

Current Sounds Like Impact structure with advertising integration

(updated 9/1 - effective 9/13)

  • Introduction - ➡️ Tier 1 sponsorship level would go in this section

  • #AudioForAction Curation - ➡️ Tier 2 sponsorship level would go after this section

  • Classifieds - A section above the closing

Special Deal

Special Deal! Also, assume this is a limited time offer…

🚨 Any independent podcast creator (hosts, producers, editors, engineers, development consultants) whose podcast or content is aligned with Sounds Like Impact editorial guidelines–social impact focus, no hate speech or discriminatory language, harmful content publicly affiliated with the podcaster or podcast.

Updated 6/14 If you become an annual subscriber (currently $54), you will receive:

  • One-time Tier 2 sponsorship package (currently $45 value)

  • One-time Classifieds package (currently $12-15 value)

  • Placement of one podcast / your likeness / logo on a forthcoming “Community” page for the year of your subscription. The value of this is priceless as I’m confident this newsletter will have scaled a year from your subscription :-)

    • *Once you select a podcast or portfolio (sole proprietors only, not production teams) to be featured, you will not be able to swap.

    • New additions to the “Community” page will receive one-time promotion, either in e-mail and/or social.

To redeem this offer for a $54 annual subscription, please upgrade to paid / purchase a subscription, and then click ‘I want this promo’. This is a limited time offer. 💸

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