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Sounds Like Impact is a weekly newsletter where you can find audio and action to help make waves. #audioforaction

This is your hub for finding podcasts focused on impact and calls to action you can participate in. Each newsletter comes out on Wednesday and may contain:

  • A curated podcast playlist by myself or a guest based on one theme

  • Calls to action related to the playlist theme

  • Creator spotlights

  • Opportunities in podcast and social impact

And this is an effort that I want to collaborate on!

  • Request to do a guest curation or be interviewed

  • Share the issues you care about

This newsletter is for YOU if:

  • You are curious about what’s happening in the world

  • You want to help make social change alongside a community

  • You like FREE things 😉

That’s right, this newsletter is FREE, though I could use your support to sustain this work and create engaging opportunities.

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About Unofficial Social Chair

Unofficial Social Chair (LLC) is a social impact storytelling consultancy and impact production company currently focused on podcasts.

We are driven by answering the question, how can we [as members of society] be more culturally aware and turn this awareness into action?

Sounds Like Impact is an outlet for channeling the potential of audio storytelling to translate into action for social good.

Want to learn more? Get in touch hello@unofficialsocialchair.com

Ayo Oti is the founder of Unofficial Social Chair. She is also a member of AIR Media and available for freelance opportunities.

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Always searching for culture via entertainment, food and art. Currently publishing Sounds Like Impact and building a social impact audio storytelling consultancy.